The Apps

Together with the cinema networks, we create the perfect app based on our systems, knowledge and love of games…

One App - endless possibilities...

You are using Facebook to log in.
It makes it quick to get started and you get his Facebook profile on the big screen.

For selected children's games, it is possible to log in without Facebook. Here you can choose your avatar. The range of avatars may vary depending on the game

In the message center you can receive information about new games, new prizes and anything else that can make your cinema experience even better

The Game Controller allows you to play all types of games on the big screen. It may change appearance and function depending on which game to play.

See which of your friends are playing and how many prizes they have won

In the Game Center you can always find games to play, even when you are not in the Cinema

In your CoinShop you can redeem offers with your gold coins. The gold coins you earn by playing at the cinema, playing Game Center games or join a Trailer Quiz

There are always new amazing movies, now you can see all the new trailers and win gold coins at the same time

Go on treasure hunt in the cinema, shoot for spacecraft in the lobby as you win amazing prizes

One App with endless possibilities to entertain your audience