The Dashboard
All you need to run your CinemaTaztic platform


The optimal view of your CinemaTaztic platform is obtained through the dashboard, which allow you to compile graphs, charts, KPIs, tables etc. in one overall display.

This gives you one broad overview so that you can easily monitor the performance of your business and see how close you are to your goals.

Performance dashboard

The CinemaTaztic performance dashboard gather all data generated from the cinema screens and the CinemaTaztic app in one place – and in real time.

Get an overview of all active cinema screens and all games being played right now.

Get alerts when a cinema screen is inactive and get full tracking of all campaigns running on the platform.

From the platform you can also send push notifications and assign prizes to a specific user or to all users of the CinemaTaztic app.

Our dashboard is GDPR ready

Our dashboard is set up to support GDPR so your never in doubt on what data your allowed to use.

In fact, you can’t access data that you have not been allowed to use.

Check and monitor all aspects of your CinemaTaztic app.


A quick overview of daily operations

Hardware overview

A real time overview of uptime and state of all players


Full overview of users and extended support options


Which games perform? How is the performance of the individual cinemas?


Full control over which games to play when and where

Message Center

Communicates with all users or one at a time


Create new quizzes, upload trailers


What is the status? Are all the screens online?


Overview of all games and their settings

Profanity Filter

Controll what can be written in the chat


Create and edit all items regarding prizes