What we do?
Cinemataztic supply the platform and the hardware that makes second screen games in cinemas possible. And of course we make all the great games you can play at the cinema..

Our app’s…
Which is our core product.
We are constantly working to improve the performance and functionality to create the perfect experience

Our games…
To sit in a room with clients from some of the world’s biggest brands and talk about shooting games, puzzelgames and arcade games are just amazing! And then to be able to make them

Our real-time online monitoring tool.
View users and traffic in real time, manage prizes and help users with our support module

Cloud API
To communicate with TMS and / or the Screen Server, we have developed our own API that makes it possible to manage and control all aspects required to run a CinamaTaztic setup

We also deliver all the hardware required to be able to run a Cinemataztic gameWho we are?
Cinemataztic is a mix of developers, designers, game geeks and advertising people.

We started with a vision to create unique experiences and challenge existing ways of doing things.
During our føste year our platform became an integral part of the cinema experience throughout Denmark.
Now we are on the way in other countries, Norway, Finland and Germany are on the list in 2016.

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Agencies can no longer just rely on having an art director and copywriter doing it all, we need to make the technologists part of the creative team. Tech guys are creative too, they just use different tools, and with digital manifesting itself in so many different places, they need to be a clearer part of the mix.—

– Jeff Benjamin, Chief Creative Officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusk